Bad Request The requested graph does not exist - Checkmk data source

Hi, I have a problem that I can’t solve.
I need to create dashboards on Grafana for viewing Checkmk source data. I use Chechmk Raw Edition version 2.2.0p9 and the grafana plugin 3.1.1. I have loaded all my hosts on checkmk, I don’t use the agent but I just ping the public IP of my clients’ router to monitor the up/down status of their connection, and on checkmk it works very well, while on grafana it doesn’t. I can view the data but I get the error: Bad Request The requested graph does not exist

I have correctly inserted and configured the Checkmk data source, when I go to create the view I can select the checkmk sites, then the hosts to monitor (I find the list of all my checkmk hosts), as a service I only find the ping entry and I select it, I set single metric but any option to follow I always get the same error and I don’t see any data.
I’ve tried everything but I can’t figure it out.

Can anyone help me? I would be truly grateful, I’ve been stuck in this error for months.

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