Grafana v10.0.0 Challenges: Time Series Plugin and Customizing Legend Output

I am using the latest Grafana version 10.0.0, and the “time series” plugin is driving me crazy :wink: After a lot of trial and error, I finally managed to get the graphs set up the way I wanted. However, I’m now struggling with the output in the legend. Currently, it only displays the “host” as a tag in the result and not any other columns. How can I influence which tags are generated as a result in a Flux query? Additionally, even if I have the entry in a separate column, I haven’t been able to use the value from a specific column in the legend (each row has the same value in this column per table).


so i want to use the column rname as legend.

Okay, it’s fixed! I made a change to the last group to include the necessary tag, like this:

|> group(columns: ["host", "rname"])

Now, I can use ${__field.labels.rname} as the display name. Thank you!

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