Grafana Upgrade - From V 3.1.1 to V 4.2

Hello Graf World,
This is my first post as I started working on Grafana few couple of hours ago. I got a requirement for upgrading our in-house Grafana setup from V 3.1.1 to V 4.2. I did my own research and saw not many articles out there for as people says the upgrade process is pretty straight forward.
I got that from this post:

We use the below setup for Grafana configuration:
Protocol: http
Port: 3000
DB: sqlite3

My question is about the dashboards. I can run the upgrade setup but how can I move/migrate the dashboards from V 3.1…1 to V 4.2? Is that a direct process where the upgrade setup will take care or do I have to run any specific queries for the Dashboards? I know that I need to upgrade plugins manually after the Grafana Upgarde…

Any inputs are appreciated fellas.

Vikram Y

The upgrade will not remove your dashboards, they will still work as before.

But its good practice to backup your database file before upgrade in case you want to downgrade.

Thanks @torkel for the reply here. We will perform the upgrade and will let you if we face any challenges or if its successful.