Upgrading on the fly from v5.1.4 to current - how to and is it possible?

Hello all,

I have a situation and, hence, a need for orientation: :slight_smile:

  • I have Grafana 5.1.4 running (for a long time, don’t change what is running smoothly is my moto) with about 15 full-fledged dashboards with a lot of graphs, singlestat… panels, with alarms and so on

  • I just had a big situation with one of the dashboards : the alerting system in v5.1.4 does not re-send alarms, it only fires once (the “repeat” function was added after, on v5.4 I think) and consequently, we had a serious problem on one of the system monitored by the alerting system since the alarm was sent once and nobody paid attention to this first alert…

  • Now, I MUST upgrade Grafana to the latest version to allow for the use of the “repeat” alarm function.

Problem: I’m a NOOB (in Computer Science at least) and our IT guy is gone… I’m left temporarily alone to cope with this problem.

My question: what would be the step-by-step procedure to upgrade my Grafana server from 5.1.4 to current version without having to redesign all the dashboards and without loosing any configuration (like all the alerting system) ?

Thanks in advance, I’m in a pretty messed-up situation :blush:



First you need to export your dashboard, see below :slight_smile:https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/reference/export_import/

Optional : Make a dump of grafana database

With the link above you have also the command for update Grafana. Or you can manually download the right package and make the installation.


Hello Meruem,
Thanks for the answer. What I did is:

  • I installed Grafana 6 on my personal computer and copyied the grafana.db from my server to my computer.
  • I checked that nothing was lost, that was the case.
  • Then I made a copy of grafana.db and grafana.ini on my server (in case) and I installed the upgraded Grafana.

Everything went on perfectly well. I must say that I’m thankfull and admirative for the work done by the Grafana team. Well done guys, this is just perfect !

Thanks and cheers !