Grafana upgrade error from 7.0.3 to 8.0.6

I have implmented Grafana 7.0.3 on a Kuberentes cluster, after applying version 8.0.6, I get an error on piechart pluging.
In this image you can appriciate, there are 2 plugins installed.

If I change to Pie Chard(old) to Pie Chart the pluging works fine. Inspecting the panel json I find out type name on the old is grafana-piechart-panel and on the one is working is piechart.

The issue is I have a lot of boards to modify.
Maybe you can help me to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance

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DId you already upgrade the plugins after upgrade Grafana?

grafana-cli plugins update-all

Then restart the grafana

@fadjar340 I try that, even I restart de pod after updating.

If the new Pie Chart works and you need to change dashboards full of them, I’m sure there’s a pointer you could change in the JSON

Copy Dashboard JSON
Paste into Notepad++
Ctrl + H
Find “grafana-piechart-panel”
Replace all with “piechart”
Paste back into JSON on Grafana and Save dashboard

Maybe I’m oversimplifying

@T_GrumpyEngineer I take this in account and I will apply that as my last resource, because I have to modify at least 50 boards. I think it must to be another way to solve this.

Well just if there was 10 Pie Chart boards on one dashboard that would save some time, by editting the dashboard JSON instead of clicking into each one

Hopefully it’s some help if no solution

I want to know if this is a common issue, if there is an upgrade guide for kuberentes deployments. Because we try everything in our experience with Grafana and we dont find a solution, any thoughts?

This is part of the reason I refuse to update even as an Enterprise customer as I now have over 1k dashboards. I personally will not check every single dashboard… A pre-check tool needs to be done. While I understand that pre-checks are not 100% correct it should at least give me a indication of how many items might be broken

Now with that being said moving from 7.0 to 8.0 is stupid… you should at least do some of the updates in the 7 series… 7.5 and 7.6 are larger updates… work your way up on upgrades and I do suspect that many items will be taken care of via the normal upgrade process…

@meyerder In our company we didnt do this on production because every mayor upgrade need to be tested first, the migration starts on 7.0.3 but we did it in steps until we get to 8.0.6 (sorry if i forgot to mention it).
In that particular version we get the issue mention on the thread. Let me know if you or anybody exprience this and if there any suggestion for this kind of problem.

yea that makes a difference :slight_smile: Anyone who goes major revision to major revision without at least a few steps in between is wacko or living on the wild side. :smiley: Did it work on 8.05? or any of the 8.x versions?

In the first stage an upgrade from version 7.0.3 to version 7.2.0 was performed, which presents the mentioned problem.
For this reason we upgraded to version 8.0.

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