Grafana Upgrade from v5.1 to v8.2

Hello Team

I want to upgrade my grafana from v5.1 to v8.2 , though is a big jump so I want. to 1st move to some intermediate stable release then later on to latest release.

so could you please recommend some intermediate upgrade for major version jumping ?

You don’t mention which system you are running Grafana on, or how it was
installed (packaged or source, for example). I’m going to assume that:

a) it’s running on a machine which is either sufficiently up-to-date itself to
have all the library dependencies needed by Grafana 8.2, or can be upgraded to
have these during the process, and:

b) you’re using a package management system such as .deb or .rpm which will
deal with all the appropriate (versions of) dependencies for you.

I would advise:

  1. Take a full backup of your system. Do not over-write it with any of the
    other backups mentioned below.

  2. Update to the latest release of version 5. Take an incremental backup (or
    a full one if you have the space).

  3. Read the release notes for version 6, and then upgrade to the latest
    release of version 6. Take another backup.

  4. Read the release notes for version 7, and then upgrade to the latest
    release of version 7. Take another backup.

  5. Read the release notes for version 8, and then upgrade to version 8.2.

It’s probably a very good idea at each stage to check your dashboards,
plugins, data sources etc to make sure everything’s still working as you are
used to, because some changes have broken backward compatibility, and some
changes mean that you should edit the names of dashboard panels etc. to use
new panel plugins in favour of deprecated ones.

As you say, it is a big jump, and unless you have quite a simple setup and are
somewhat lucky with the panels you are using, I don’t think you’ll be able to
do it in fewer steps than I’ve suggested.