Grafana to display dashboard in a remote PC

I can access the grafana server from a remote PC. However, it only allows for admin login.
The grafana dashboard I want to display on the remote screen is on my windows authenticated (comes from openhistorian directly) grafana setup. When I am logging into the remote PC, but only have web browser access, how can I get access to the dashboard?

@hasalaid can you share more about what your use case is? Are you asking how to allow anonymous access (unauthenticated) to your dashboards as we’ve done at

  1. Yes [anonymous access (unauthenticated)]
    and then 2. Anonymous authenticated access

Hi Melori,
Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

What is “anonymous authenticated access”?

How can an unidentified (anonymous) user possibly get authenticated?


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Do you not have a non admin read only user?

Do you have grafana running also on a remote pc?

This link explains how to allow anonymous access - this means that anyone with the link can view the dashboard.