Grafana table with value derivative

Using grafana 4.5.2 with Elasticsearch data source.
I am trying to create a table with 3 columns: #1:hostname, #2:network traffic in bits/sec, #3:network traffic out bits/sec
the data in the columns #1 is taken from the group by metric
the datas in columns #2 and #3 each is derivative of query average value of network bytes_recieved and bytes_sent respectively.
Currently I fail to implement it.
When using derivative the table is invalid.
The best implementation I succeeded to do is either display in/out traffic in single column or separate into two tables.
my question: how do I implement single table with values derivative (derivative over time, of last 5m data) as described above?
Currently implemented two tables of type “Time series to rows” tables.


Used this single query:
Query: private_data.kes_hostname.keyword:$server, Metrics: Average(, Derivative(), Average(, Derivative(), Group by: Terms(private_data.kes_hostname.keyword), Date Histogram(private_data.timestamp),

Hide the Average values and display only the Derivatives.
Fail to choose specific metric per column so I cannot display separate columns for in (bytes_recv bits/sec) and out (bytes_sent bits/sec)
see below images31