Extra column with difference field in Boom Table or Table panel

Grafana: 6.2.5
Elastic search
@yesoreyeram @mefraimsson @torkel @daniellee @coolshiva123 Hope you are doing good, I have been using table plugin in grafana, and lately found boom table plugin which is very helpful. Does “BoomTable” plugin support Elasticsearch? I have a situation where i have a template variable “Version” with data V1, V2, V3 …etc. for every version there is lots of data and i am querying to get total count of every versions data
eg: V1 Total V2 Total
A 10 A 20
B 20 B 15
C 30 C 25
Since I am having template variable “Version” If i try combining two versions i get
V1,V2 | Total
A | 30
B | 35
C | 55

But I am trying to create another column in boom table or table panel to subtract the values which i am not able to create. I need it like this
V1,V2 | Total | Difference
A | 30 | 10
B | 35 | 5
C | 55 | 5

I need Difference column which gives value of (server1 - server3)
How do i do this? Can I do this in Table panel?

Have you tested with Bucket Script metric? It does not fully comply with your post but can be a closed approach.

I used plugin https://grafana.com/grafana/plugins/goshposh-metaqueries-datasource. Which is close to my solution but the difference field is not created in a different column but in a row.

the Screenshot cannot show in the url。why??

i cannot see your screenshot! can you send it to my email? the email address is 919305331@qq.com