Grafana -- set width of each column in the table to MAX value length in that column -- PLEASE HELP!

I have 2 concerns below. Will really very much appreciate your help as my deadline is tomorrow!!

grafana version * Grafana v7.3.1 (6668161a88)

  1. Remove VERTICAL scroll bar in my dashboard.
    Meaning if I have 220 rows I want a fixed max table size in grafana that displays all the rows at the same time — and no scroll bar on the right hand side (NO VERTICAL SCROLLBAR)

  2. I want to set the width of each column to the max
    So the width of each column in my table will be different depending of the max length of any row inside that column — set width to that max length — essentially I want to see everything every single letter and word in every column (yes horizontal scrollbar will have to appear as columns sizes are much bigger and out of single webpage)

Hi @rnayar,

I hope you were able to meet your deadlines.

For question 1: if the size is fixed, could you not resize the dashboard panel to your preferred dimensions?

Question 2: I am not sure that this is possible. In newer versions of Grafana you can set table column width, but it applies to all columns. I don’t believe you could programmatically calculate the max length for each column and set that on a column-by-column basis.