Grafana returned 404 on POST at /api/annotations

Hello there,

I am trying to interface the notification module in AWX (OpenSource version of Ansible Tower) with Grafana. When I tried to test the notification, I got the following errors in grafana - which returns the same error in AWX:

Mar 24 22:40:00 chris-home-lab grafana-server[4554]: t=2021-03-24T22:40:00+0000 lvl=info msg=“Request Completed” logger=context userId=0 orgId=1 uname= method=POST path=//api/annotations status=404 remote_addr=<AWX_server_IP> time_ms=29 size=33165 referer=

I tried to run the API call manually but I was able to make the annotation call successfully. Here is the API call:

chrislo@chris-home-lab:~ curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer <API TOKEN>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"dashboardId":2,"panelId":2,"text":"Trial"}' http://<grafana_server_ip>:3000/api/annotations {"id":16,"message":"Annotation added"} chrislo@chris-home-lab:~

If I get a 404 in both cases, then I am sure that I am not accessing the endpoint correctly; but I am able to when I run the API call manually, so I am kinda ran out of ideas on what causes the 404. Can someone point me to the right direction on where I should start looking? Thank you.



It looks like a wrong URL in your code, see double slash - //api/annotations in your grafana logs. You have probably a typo in your code.

Hello jangaraj,

Thank you for getting back to me. I noticed that as well and made the adjustments, but I ran into a different error:

t=2021-03-30T04:38:57+0000 lvl=info msg=“Request Completed” logger=context userId=0 orgId=1 uname= method=POST path=/api/annotations status=400 remote_addr= time_ms=27 size=151 referer=

Looks like I will need to bring this up with the AWX guys to see what happened. Thank you very much.