Grafana release and LTS strategy

What is the current release cycle and strategy for Grafana Community version?

Third-party websites like mention few details, but still not an exhaustive account of release strategy like specific dates when a particular version’s LTS starts or ends.

This will help enterprises using Grafana to plan product lifecycle management, accordingly.

I am unable to find an official documentation on Grafana’s website regarding the same, can anyone point me to it, if it exists? And if it doesn’t exist, then it will be a good idea to document it just like other OSS frameworks like Angular versioning and releases

But this blog post doesn’t mention anything about LTS schedule.

So you can assume that there is no real LTS strategy.

So, can I say that some older version like 7.5.10 is not out-of-support?

It doesn’t explicitly say either way.

Can you expound a bit more on the above in relation to grafana that gives you concern

Since there is no explicit mention of lts, I would think one would have to be flexible and plan accordingly?

As an enterprise would not want to get into security vulnerable or buggy releases, so keeping a check on LTS helps to plan internal releases and avoid Grafana versions whose LTS has ended.

On the contrary, as of today, we don’t have any information about LTS windows of different release tracks like 7.5.x, 9.x, etc. so its difficult to judge whether one should go for the newer version of Grafana or not(assuming that one doesn’t need new features and only security fixes).

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It would be good to post this to the grafana github repo to get more visibility

You have Grafana Enterprise version (of course paid) for this enteprise use case. You will receive sec. announcements, before they are going to be public, so you have a time for upgrade. If you will get support ticket and you will be forced to upgrade if you are on Grafana Cloud with old vulnerable and pined Grafana version.

You need Grafana env (e. g. dev, stg, prod) to test&stop buggy releases before going to prod.

Yes, it will be awesome to have LTS (I would love to have that), but there is no LTS, so you need better process on your end, e. g. mentioned above. Of course don’t rush and don’t deploy first major releases, for example now 10.0.0.

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The endoflife website is accurate:

  • Only latest version sees active development.
  • The previous minor version, and the last minor version of the previous major version gets security and critical bug fixes.

Grafana security release was for:

  • 9.5 - latest version at that time
  • 9.4 - previous minor version
  • 8.5 - last minor version of the previous major version
    But also for 9.3, 9.2 → my assumption based on this sec. release is that endolife is not accurate.