Grafana version lifecycle?

Hi! I heard about the recent Grafana 8 vulnerability. I’m currently running Grafana 7 and this got me interested: what’s the release / support life cycle for Grafana versions? Do I need to upgrade? Where can I find documentation that can help me determinte this myself?

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welcome to the :grafana: forum, @d33tah

this is getting formalized as we speak. In the meantime, I believe that our general policy is to provide support for one major version (7) below the current version (8). So Grafana 6 is effectively EOL now. Does that help? G7 should still get critical updates

now having said that, G8 is a quantum leap forward from G7, and you can’t use the new, rebuilt alerting platform unless you are running 8. So, given the new features and breaking changes, I generally recommend that folks get on this side of 8, sooner rather than later if they can :+1: