Support policy for previous releases

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is there any documentation about how previous major and minor releases of Grafana (Open-Source) are supported with security fixes or critical bug fixes?

For example in case of CVE-2020-13379 there were fixes for 6.7 and 7.0, but not for earlier major versions and other minor versions of 6.x.

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Grafana does not yet have a standardized EOL policy (in the fashion of, say, Ubuntu) but I think we are working towards that direction. Let me ping some folks and see where we are at with that.

In the meantime, highly recommend making the upgrade to Grafana 8 if you can. It offers huge advancements and new capabilities :+1:

@ramshazar I’ve heard from the Engineering org that they will support the current version n and one previous version n - 1. So right now, they will support Grafana 8 and 7. Those using Grafana 6 or earlier will be advised to upgrade to 7 :+1:

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