Grafana provisionning plugins

after upgrading to Grafna 7 i got that error:
t=2020-10-09T15:09:37+0100 lvl=info msg=“Registering plugin” logger=plugins name=“Boom Table”
t=2020-10-09T15:09:37+0100 lvl=eror msg=“Failed to read plugin provisioning files from directory” logger=provisioning.plugins path=/etc/grafana/provisioning/plugins error=“open /etc/grafana/provisioning/plugins: no such file or directory”

This happens to me, because I update my grafana from grafana repo. So, I have fixed by creating by hand these directory and sample.yaml file.

As root user:

mkdir /etc/grafana/provisioning/plugins/
vim /etc/grafana/provisioning/plugins/sample.yaml

Paste these text:

# # config file version
apiVersion: 1

# apps:
#   - type: grafana-example-app
#     org_name: Main Org.
#     disabled: true
#   - type: raintank-worldping-app
#     org_id: 1
#     jsonData:
#       apiKey: "API KEY"

Then, change your file permissions
chown -R root:grafana /etc/grafana/provisioning/plugins/

Finally restart your grafana server and all have to be working perfectly!