Grafana plugins not visible


I have previously installed plugins to my grafana instance - these have for some reason disappeared - i have re-downloaded them using grafana-cli and the installation appears successful - i have then restarted grafana-server and performed a system reboot - even after taking these steps any plugin i try and install does not appear.

I have logged in as root and performed a
chown -R grafana:grafana /var/lib/grafana/plugins -R
just incase the ownership has changed as mentioned in a post i had seen with a similar issue. I still cannot see any of the installed plugins,

Grafana v6.4.2 (commit: 443a0ba)

Any help greatly appreciated


For some reason a rogue dist folder was in the plugins directory - im guessing this had confused the plugin service and was stopping all plugins from being visible. Renamed the dist folder and all appears to now be working.


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