None of the installed plugins showing up


I am new to Grafana. I installed Grafana locally on my ubuntu system and tried installing few plugins. None of them shows up in the dashboard.

I have checked the permissions for the plugins folder and it is indeed grafana:grafana. I have restarted the server after installing the plugins. I have rechecked that the plugins are installed in the correct folder.

Now is there anything i need to do or it is a bug?

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @vidhunprakashmk

what version of grafana are you using and how exactly are you installing plugins? Using the CLI? Using the plugin catalog in the UI?

Hi Mattabrams!

I am using the latest version of Grafana. I tried installing the plugins via the grafana-cli method and manually installing the plugins. Both doesn’t work.

@vidhunprakashmk if you log into Grafana as a server admin, can you see the plugin catalog in the UI?