GRAFANA Open Source and Enterprise License Info


I have some questions about Grafana.

  1. Does Grafana (Open source) support any LDAP entegation ? If yes, give me details please.
  2. Does Grafana (Open source) keep login user value on session? I want to use that value for multiple panels on Grafana.
  3. How many viewers and editor can use Grafana(open source) ?
  4. What are the differences between enterprise licence of Grafana and open source Grafana? What does enterprise licence have that open source do not have?

Please give me feedback.

Best regards,

Hi Omer,

  1. Yes, more info here -
  2. I am not sure what you mean, please explain the use-case a bit more
  3. There are no limits on number of viewers and editors in the open source version
  4. It is probably easiest to check out the pages on the site: and

/ Jon