Grafana - moving to - doesn't support architecture 'i386'

Hi all,

So I noticed that the repository has moved:

I followed the instructions mentioned on this blog.

When doing apt-get update, I’m getting this error message now:

Reading package lists… Done
N: Skipping acquire of configured file ‘main/binary-i386/Packages’ as repository ‘ stable InRelease’ doesn’t support archite cture ‘i386’

Grafana 5.4.2 itself is running fine on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (on an Intel NUC).

Why am I getting this error message?

We have never supported i386

Thanks for the quick reply. I am aware of that.

The strange thing is that:

  • My Intel NUC - Ubuntu 18.04 is not on an i386 architecture (uname -m returns x86_64);
  • My current Grafana is working fine;

So why am I having this error message?

You can try this solution :wink:

“deb [arch=amd64] stable main”

That worked, thanks!