Grafana is adding time to my date column

Hello everyone,

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

    • Grafana 8.3.4

    • Debian 11

  • What are you trying to achieve?

    Create a table with a postgresql query

  • What happened?

i’m using this query to show some data from a table.

select dop.operation_date,
	dpw.platform_name as plateform,
	df.fiat_name as fiat,
from table1 dop
inner join table2 df on = dop.fiat_id
inner join table3 dpw on = dop.plateform_id
order by dop.operation_date desc, dop.creation_date desc
limit 10

The first column operation date is showing this way on grafana :


But the column in my table in Postgresql is in DATE format without any hour, minute, second. I don’t know from where grafana could find those values for the hour.

I checked with that to make sur that my data in my database was in good format

SELECT date_part('hour',operation_date)
from my_table;

and everything is ok. I got a nice 0 for all the lines. Not any 1 or 2 as it is showed in grafana.

  • What did you expect to happen?

My data on grafana should be the same as what they are in my BDD, like this :


Thanks a lot for your help to a fresh newbie on grafana.

Welcome to the Grafana forum.

If I had to guess what is happening, I’d say the timestamp date you store in Postgresql database is without a time zone, and when Grafana reads the data, it is adding the local GMT +2 (or +1 depending on the month of the year…probably has to do with daylight savings).

To get rid of the (seemingly useless) hh:mm:ss, use an override, like this:



Thanks for your answer, it’s working !

But i don’t understand why Grafana doesn’t take the data as the same format as it is in the DB. The column type in my database is DATE. i’m not storing any timestamp, just a date.

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same issue I am facing

Hi, does anyone have a solution for that problem?

I change the ‘timestamp’ to ‘DATE_SUB(TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 1 HOUR) as TIMESTAMP’ at my sql-query. It does the trick but kinda unprofessional, isnt it?