Grafana infrastructure

Hello Community
I need some suggestion about Grafana installation, actually I have Grafana with InluxDB and Telegraf on-premise for monitoring my infrastructe, until today it was enough but we have some offices in the world and I would like to include in my Grafana.
My question is about the best option for infrastructure, change to Grafana Cloud, change to Prometheus, install in Kubernetes services (expensive for NGO), I’m not sure what is the best option for NGO’s.
Many thanks.

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @davidgr27

you have options. If your other offices are running their infra on-prem and not on a cloud provider, you can push data to Grafana Cloud via Grafana Agent:

I suppose it really depends on what services you want to expose, and how and where you want to aggregate the data in a DB. If you could expose a prometheus endpoint on each of your on-prem locations, then you could use Grafana Cloud to hit and scrape that data and dump it all into a single Prometheus DB that we’d manage on our side.

It really depends on your security needs and budget and whatnot. Can you provide more details?