Grafana + influx db error in my Homeassistant

Hi, suddenly my grafana version 9.4.3 gives me an error on all dashboards: InfluxDB Error: An error occurred within the plugin. You can help me ?

What version of InfluxDB are you using? Also, I presume you are using Grafana OSS (not cloud)?

The version of grafana OSS is 9.4.3 . Thanks

What version of InfluxDB are you using?

InfluxDB 4.5.0. Thanks

This the printshot of the error

You are several years ahead of the current release (v2.6). Can you check again?

I’m probably doing something wrong. Please tell me how to to find the exact version. Thanks

@sandro1955 you’re showing the version of the influxdb “add-on” within home assistant, which is version 4.5. It looks like that repo is here:, and while I haven’t figured out what specific influxdb release is being added in that package, when I run it locally in my hassio instance, I see a version 2 web UI.

Thanks for the help. Sorry, but unfortunately it is not clear to me what exactly I have to do. Could you explain in detail what to do? Thanks

Same issue here, there is a new version, I´ve just updated to the newest version,
and the Error message changed to “InfluxDB Error: Bad gateway” - so I will try to find out what´s the cause…

This seems to be an issue with the data source configuration or influx itself. Can you query your data source directly in the influx web UI? If so, and influx is working, but it’s not working within Grafana, check the data source configuration and make sure that Grafana has access to the influx. If you run the “save and test” button in the influx datasource configuration, does it show errors?