Grafana in an nginx reverse proxy dont show the live data, even from testdb data resource

so, I’ve followed the reverse proxy instructions in Grafana documentation and managed to do what I want, which is to serve the Grafana server to nginx and access in Internet the Grafana server.

During my exploration on the app, I saw that when using localhost in the browser, I can see the chart and gauge in the panel are moving and the numbers are changing. However, when accessing the server from the internet this TestDB data source and panel is static and the numbers and chart don’t move. I had to press refresh on the panel to see the change. This is already on a 500 ms interval, both in localhost and internet.

Are you following these instructions? Run Grafana behind a reverse proxy | Grafana Labs

Did you try:

For Grafana Live which uses WebSocket connections you may have to raise Nginx worker_connections option which is 512 by default – which limits the number of possible concurrent connections with Grafana Live.

Yes that’s the one I’ve followed.

I’ll try this now, but what does it mean by “possible concurrent connections”, I’m only testing yet 1 panel only on my Grafana Dashboard which is the Test DB, and if I understand this correctly, it’s only 1 connection, right?

Sounds right.

With the TestDB, did you choose the Streaming Client option?

Does the server have a firewall or anything else that might be preventing websocket connections? Do you see any errors in the browser console or in the Grafana server logs?

Do you see a Websocket connection on the network tab in your browser dev tools?