Grafana Graphic database, issue with metrics

Hi there,

I have an issue when I try to create a data source and then viewing the graphics associated with this datasource. I’m trying to create a Graphite database and I’m not using the port 8080 but the 8085 one.
Here’s a screenshot of my configs :

I get an empty red alert box which is hard for me to pin point the error code.
So when I’m about to choose my Graphite database and for instance I try to write “apps” into my query I get this error message :

I also configured my grafana localhost port at 8090 because I’m using 8080 for jenkins. I don’t if that can cause an issue. I appreciate any kind of help.

Also, I checked the forums, didn’t find anything related (or I don’t know how to search for my issue) and posted my issue on but got no answer.

I’m using Grafana 4.6.3
I’m using Graphite
I’m using Windows 10
View my post above for more info.
Here’s the raw answer in chrome :

Thanks in advance!


Seems related to using direct access mode and CORS and/or grafana can’t access graphite. can you try using the proxy access mode?


Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your answer. Here’s the result when I try to use “Graphite” on proxy mode :

When I try to access a dashboard :

Another detail I forgot to mention. I installed my grafana mostly by following these methods,
the only difference that I did, is that I installed grafana via “Local System account” (youtube video at 3:27) :

Do I also need to put the same port as my Grafana server (im using 8090). Right now I’m using 8085 so
does that makes a difference?
This is all that I can think for now.

Thanks in advance!

Forgot to add that I can access to the “Query Inspector” now :

I’ll keep looking in the meantime.

Thank you.

If I use the same port as grafana for graphite :

I get the following message in my query :

Providing as much information as I can think of.

Thank you.


First, please refer to the official documentation of installing Grafana on Windows.

Second, if you try to access your Graphite instance directly in the browser, like http://localhost:8085/dashboard giving that you have configured Graphite to run on port 8085. If you can’t access Graphite in browser that’s where your problem is. Looking at your first post and the last screenshot I can see that you get several connection refused errors which to me looks like you cannot access graphite in the browser. The url’s in the google chrome dev tools with connection refused are clickable and first when you can access them correctly you should be able to create the datasource in Grafana correctly.

The last thing you tried is probably not what you want. Grafana and Graphite should run on different ports given that they’re installed on the same machine.


Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your answer, I already went to to install Grafana on my local machine. What I did was : 1. download ;, 2. Created a Grafana folder located in Documents, 3. extracted the zip and placed the folder into the Grafana, 4. went into the conf folder created custom.ini, copied the data from the sample.ini into the custom.ini, 5. Changed the port 3000 to 8090 in the custom.ini, 6. Downloaded NSSM from : , 7. extracted the folder, 8. Started the nssm.exe via the console with the good path 9. used the correct path for the grafana-server.exe and the startup directory, 10. Filled up the details, 11. Clicked on local system account, 12. Started the service in services.msc called “Grafana”.

Do I need to do more than the steps that I did above? I read the documentation but I don’t know if I missed a step. I’m still having trouble figuring this issue out.

Thank you very much.

Those steps seems solid. It should get you a running Grafana instance. But I’m guessing you still have problems configuring a datasource for graphite?

To create the graphite datasource in Grafana you’ll need to have a running graphite instance (which I got the impression that you had), please note that graphite is a separate time-series database compared to Grafana.

Please refer to my earlier answer to investigate graphite problems.