Grafana faro integration

Could you help me ? , I have doubts about how to use Grafana Faro

  • Grafana shows me a code to use it in a CDN but i don t found documentation , tha guide me if it is compatible with cloudflare

I have sites in PHP but when integrating grafana lighthouse it will show me code in JavaScript/TypeScript

  • Does Grafana faro only support websites built with JavaScript/TypeScript?


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Hiya @grafanacloudpro welcome!

I wasn’t sure about this so I checked with the Faro team and here’s what I heard back, it’s a bit nuanced.

Faro could work with a PHP app insofar as if your app delivers JS code, you could instrument that with the SDK using the published docs/usual approach.

But one cannot “instrument a PHP app” yet in the sense of having native Faro PHP bindings for the PHP code itself. Some PHP may run server side or generate the page, and this PHP can’t be used with the Faro SDK as yet … but Faro can still be delivered as JS in the page.

They recommended the CDN install approach which you can read about here. Most of the “package manager” stuff on this page is assuming you have a JS web app, not PHP, so in your case you don’t have a JS package manager, the CDN injection is probably most appropriate.

Hope this helps

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