Grafana does not update dashboard for view only users after its saved in edit mode


I have a problem with out new Grafana installation. I just installed 8.5.3 and moved my dashboards to it, but now besides the constant save dashboard notification even if I dont edit the dashboard, my dashboards wont refresh for other users.

We have a Kiosk where all our servers are monitored in a Table type dashboard and it used to update automatically with a popup notification in the top right corner when I edited and saved the dashboard on my computer. Now it wont do anything after I save and I have to login to the Kiosk and refresh the browser manually.

What am I missing ?

Please help me with this problem!

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have you tried on Grafana 9? Can you provide more details on how we can easily reproduce this? Sounds like it could be a bug…


The updating problem was solved by an Nginx Reverse Proxy configurtaion.

Constant saving problem still exists. I will try Grafana 9.

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