Grafana does not show graph in the real time

Hi Guys,

I’m having an issue in the graphs and I don’t know what to do and did not found nothing in the web.

I’m using grafana v8.1.2 through zabbix collecting data, Zabbix 5.0.14, both on the same server.

When I set up any server, or any service, grafana shows the data and the graphs but the problem is that grafana only show minute by minute, example:

If I’m using stat, grafana takes 1 minute to show the change even if I configure to dashboard refresh every 5 seconds

I did a test and zabbix collect data and detects the error in real time, but after 1 minute, 1 minute and half later grafana shows that data changes.


If I’m using other visualization, just like the time series

I had set up all values, the graph starts but does not fill the first and the last minute, if I refresh the page the data keeps the same and just the timeline changes, after 1 minute of the last data collected, new data is displayed but the first minute and the last keeps empty.

I need a real time or with 5 seconds delay more than that make useful.

I found some tips saying about the server time, grafana version and nothing worked.

I will leave some screenshots to be better to explain

So, if someone know and could share, will helps a lot.



Check your datasource configuration on Grafana, maybe you have a option called min time interval (default it’s 1 min), set this option to 5s.

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I realize that I need to change the zabbix collect, it was collecting minute by minute, if I change to 5 seconds works fine, but will kill the service with many requests.
I entered in a paradox of monitoring, see in a real time but killing the service or see with delay but working fine.

Thanks for the help!