Grafana + Zabbix - different output intervals depending on the time range

hi! I really don’t know how grafana decides to show trends and history data of zabbix.

figure1 > time range : Last 1d
This shows the measured results every minute

figure2 > time range : Last 3d
This shows the measured results every 2 minutes

Why does the collection interval change depending on the time range? Because of this, my dashboard cannot show the exact value. This is a big concern for me.
Please give me a hand


what is your query? are you using a time macro?

Hi, I am not sure if the question is still actual.
Just to add some hint.
It would be good to check zabbix source data.
As I know zabbix uses history data (raw data) and trend data (aggregated data). For example: raw data could be some ICMP pings every 2 minutes. But for later analysis hourly aggregated data of ICMP is enough.
You can set in zabbix data source the time interval which is associated with time interval in grafana GUI. If there’s 1 day set and you select time interval last 12 hours, grafana will show 2 minutes interval on panel, but if you select last 3 days, grafana will show hourly trend data from zabbix.

Hope it is understandable and helps.