Grafana realtime data stops being showed

I have set up a Grafana local server v8.4.5 which is connected through an MQTT broker plugin for grafana which can be found here: GitHub - grafana/mqtt-datasource: MQTT Datasource for Grafana allows streaming data from any MQTT broker running either locally or remotely. Succesfully installed that and works fine. The only problem i face is that my realtime data stops being showed after some minutes. I taught it was the auto refresh option but it wasn’t. Once i refresh the browser my live data is back and will be shown for another minute or two. I would like to have realtime data or data with 5-10 seconds delay.Does someone has any suggestions? Couldn’t find any thing on the forum.In the MQTT explorer application if see my realtime data so its very weird why it stops.

I might report this as an issue in that repo. I know the developers appreciate all the feedback they can get

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Were you able to find a resolution to this? I’m using Grafana v9 and I’m experiencing the same issue - real time streams are arriving, but after a few minutes the dashboard stops updating unless someone clicks on it.

I am seeing this on a lot of my dashboards. Rolling back to last 8.x

Were you able to find a specific Grafana version that doesn’t exhibit this behavior? I ask because I was recently using v8 (I forgot which exact version) and it had the same issue.

My Grafana v9.3.6 has the same error. I’m using MQTT data source v1.0.0-beta1 and Grafana only receives the first 2 packets from broker everytime I change the Dashboard’s time range. I also checked my broker on other devices and it is working fine, deiverying data to the same topics that grafana is subscribed