Sometimes, Grafana and the MQTT plugin do not show the entire data history range

I’ve noticed that sometimes, even though I am settings a history window with of 60s, Grafana and the MQTT plugin will not display 60s worth of data, even though Grafana has been receiving and updating the graphs for more than 60s.
This shows in the screenshot provided below. The graph was clipping data at around 45s, even though I have select a display window of 60s.

This is happening on
Grafana v10.2.2
MQTT plugin 1.0.0-beta.3

Hey @jsstoezel

Yeah, that MQTT plugin can be a bit wonky. Did you see this thread? My solution (back when I was running v9.4.3) was to set the time selector to 5 minutes with no refresh. But since then, I have not been actively using that plugin.

Hi @grant2,

Thank you for the reply. I had read the thread that you linked to, though the description of the various issues reported by the contributors seemed different than the issue I am observing.

I think that I am going to switch to a Telegraf + InfluxDB + Grafana solution rather than using the live MQTT plugin, until the live plugin becomes more stable.