Grafana Development Hot module replacement

Hi , I just started the development with yarn start:hot and in my chrome console it says hot module replacement is enabled. but it doesn’t work. I also get this warning in console
“React-Hot-Loader: react-:fire:-dom patch is not detected. React 16.6+ features may not work.”
Please help…

It only works on some pages and components as we still have angular parts.

Where does not work?

I tried to change scss in grafana/public/sass/components/_navbar.scss and it doesn’t affect unless I run yarn start:hot again. And I saw in readme file even if it’s angular the page will be reloaded right?

yes, the page will reload if hotreload is not setup for the component, but scss should always work. And you should never have to restart webpack.

So even if you do a full page reload it wont update? That is strange.

I think it doesn’t update the components which are hotreload enabled. even a full page reload doesn’t work. Could you please explain what Bra does? I’ve never used it and I doubt it should be running to affect those changes?

bra compiles the backend go server & restarts it on code change (go backend code change)

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