How to make HTML change be effective

I changed /usr/share/grafana/public/app/features/org/partials/newOrg.html. After restart grafana-server, the change is not reflected on the GUI.
How shall I need to do after updating this file?
Ming Li

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hey,i wann know if you have solved the problem.cause i have same problem.

Because grafana frontend is based on webpack, each html change needs to do npm build as following:

yarn install --pure-lockfile
yarn watch

After that, you can do the below steps to generate rpm:

go run build.go build package

To reinstall rpm, you can get the frontend change.

thanks a lot !
i will try.

are u chinese,please?

hi,when i run ‘yarn watch’ in the project。
i see 'Couldn’t find a package.json file in “D:\grafana-5.4.3” ’
And i do not see any package.json file in the project。
Could you help me .