Version 4.6.3 Local Changes Not Reflecting on Browser

Hi Team,

I installed 4.6.3 version in my laptop. I did changes in index.html and my path is “C:\Users\Sanjiv Srivastava\src\\grafana\grafana\public\views”.

After changes I saved file and I refreshed my browsers but it is not coming on browser. I completed follow step.

  1. grunt --force
  2. go run build.go build
  3. ./bin/grafana-server

I opened git bash inside of this path “C:\Users\Sanjiv Srivastava\src\\grafana\grafana”. I executed “grunt --force” command. I found after running this command my changes gone from file “index.html”.
So, I am not able to do any changes in page and it’s not reflecting on browsers.

Please guide me what’s wrong.



You have to make changes to the file named index.template.html. These kinds of changes is something that we’re not supporting.