Grafana Data Sources config page not coming up after restarting Loki/Promtail

I’m running Grafana/Loki/Promtail on a k8s cluster using latest deploy for Grafana and latest helm charts for Loki/Promtail with Minio storage for Loki. I deleted and redeployed the Promtail installation multiple times, trying to get the config yaml to correctly parse the incoming logs, yaml coming from kafka topics, with no issues. I added Loki as a datasource in the Grafana GUI (port forwarded from the k8s cluster) and seen data there through the Explore window, though hadn’t gotten the json parsing figured out fully yet.
I wound up needing to delete and redeploy the Loki but had two loki-logs pods that stuck in Terminating state, which I force killed. After that point, Grafana will no longer load the data sources or dashboards panes, getting stuck in an endless loading loop or crashing entirely. I’ve tried redeploying the full stack (2 loki pods needing to be manually force killed again), but not sure what I should do.