Grafana dashboard, seconds to HH hours MM minutes format

Hello Grafana folks,

Im currently building dashboard for KPI, its all going well but I have one things that I would like to improve and dunno how. Im using InfluxDB as datasource for last “something something” in our org.

time uploadfor upload_time

1691679424456695348 xxxxx 28390.454149 < - – these are seconds

If I choose seconds as unit I will get hours ( all good there ) and minutes. However minutes are being showed as percents. So for example 8 hours 55 minutes ( desired state ) is gonna be 8.87 hour ( uncommon format ) . I’ve tried to create custom units and few different things but cant overcome this. Did anyone faced such issue?

Hi @kennyg and welcome to the Grafana forum.

I experimented around with the settings and this seems to work for the value 28390.454149:

Notice that I chose the unit as clock (s) and changed the decimals to 1


Thank you! Its exactly what I was looking for!