Grafana dashboard doen't reload prometheus jobs

hi every one

I installed a Prometheus with 2 jobs like picture above.

But in grafana when I add data source and want to make a dashboard, it loads very old jobs that I’ve change it while ago.

I changed the prometheus.yml
Then restart prometheus service several times
I did stopped the grafana container and ran the docker image again, but still problem persists
Removed dashboard and data source and add ed them again…

In localhost:9090 i can see the jobs properly , but what ever I do grafana dashboard still load old job category that I have before…

I used docker image:grafana/grafana-enterprise:latest to applicate the grafana service, and installed prometheus version 2.43.0 on my ubuntu22.04

how can I reload new jobs?

I thank everyone in advance, especially the Grafana team…

So question is how did you define that job dashboard variable.It can be hardcoded, then of course new job won’t be there. It can be that values are loaded only when dashboard is loading in the browser first time,…
There is many options,what can be wrong and you didn’t provide reproducible example, so any answer will be only a guess.

I used grafana sample dashboard 11074.
it should not be hard coded but it seemed so…

So how that dashboard variable definition looks like? Why you don’t provide it, pls?