Dashboard not showing data for new job


I have been working on a POC for Debezium Server where I am also creating a dashboard in grafana to show the debezium as well as node exporter metrics.

It worked fine for me.

Today when I added a new Debezium Server instance and then also added a new job in Prometheus yaml to capture its metrics too (in addition to the previous Debezium Server instance), I could see the metrics in Prometheus.

But when I went to grafana dashboard, I was still seeing the data for existing instance and not the new instance. So, if I added a job in Prometheus yml as “job1” for existing Debezium Server instance and then added “job2” for the new instance, the grafana dashboard still shows data for job1 only. I expected it to show the data for job2 as well.

As dashboard is going to be same for every instance, so I had thought of creating some sort of drop down for job and based on the selected value of the job I expect the dashboard to show the data for that job only.

I am absolute beginner here so any help would be appreciated.

Note: just to add, if i try to create a NEW dashboard, then I see that it shows data for both jobs. But I am more interested in knowing why existing dashboard doesn’t get the data for both the jobs.