Prometheus 2.1.0 with node exporter full dashboard: no instances and no data

Hi all

As a newbie with Grafana I have set up a Grafana 4.6.3/prometheus 2.1.0 config and wanted to use the node exporter full dashboard with it. In Grafana, data source is recognized as ok but I do not get any data into the dashboard, neither the instances list nor the data points in any graph. On prometheus level, I can create any query to create data and graphs, all is working fine.

When I use instead eg a node-exporter-server-metrics dashboard, all is fine.

Any idea how to analyze the problem?

Looking forward to your reply

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Remember that it is looking for hosts in the prometheus “node” job.

Thanks Rick - this was precisely the solution. In my prometheus installation, the job name was wrong and called after the migration to another host ‘node_exporter’ - therefore no host was found anymore …

Renaming it to ‘node’ again made the trick …

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I have the same problem - but my job seems to be ok if I check them in Prometheus. Just the “node exporter full dashboards sees no data at all”. Other dashboards are working. Did I miss something? Prometheus is 2.2.1 and Grafana 5.1.0.

 - job_name: 'node'
      - targets: ['db1:9100','db5:9100']


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Try giving IP address of the system you want to monitor.

  • targets: [‘servername1:9100’,‘servername2:9100’]