Grafana custom dashboard not fully loaded!

Hello there!

I’m trying to sping up grafana with a custom dashboard that I pass during the spinning up as a json file using terraform and helm on k8s

my problem is that the dashboard is loaded without the below sections:

  • “__inputs”
  • “__elements”
  • “__requires”

can anyone help me with that, please?

Why you need them? They are generated as some kind of metadata when you use Export for sharing externally feature only, which will help with sharing/import (e.g you have idea which Grafana version was used for export, so may know that you can have a problem if you use too old Grafana from that version, …). But they are not part of internal dashboard json model.

the loaded dashboard gives me the below error as the ${DS_THANOS} is defined in the “__inputs” . I guess there should be another way to provide that to the dashboard!

Failed to upgrade legacy queries Datasource ${DS_THANOS} was not found

You have format which is used for import from the UI, e. g. UI will be asking to select datasource. But it looks like you have used it in the provisioning, where is no way to have that interactivity. The easiest way is to import it via UI and then export it without sharing externally feature.