Json loaded Dashboard does not show data in panel until edit each panel and apply changes

Dear Community,
Hope you all are doing good.
Currently I am facing some strange issue. we are moving towards Dashboard as code with the help of grafanalib (python) and Terraform.
As a poc, I am replicating the existing dashboard to see the results of this move towards Dashboard as Code.

I am having a dashboard with three variables and these variables should pass-on towards targets of each panel.

for example:

template1 = Template(name="datasource", query='cloudwatch', default=None, dataSource=None,
                     label='Datasource', allValue=None, refresh=1, type='datasource', hide=0)
template2 = Template(name="region", query='regions()', default="eu-central-1", dataSource={
                     "uid": "$datasource"}, label='Region', allValue=None, refresh=1, type='query', hide=0)
template3 = Template(name="dbinstanceidentifier", query='dimension_values($region, AWS/RDS, CPUUtilization, DBInstanceIdentifier)',
                     default=None, dataSource={"uid": "$datasource"}, label='DBInstanceIdentifier', allValue=None, refresh=1, type='query', hide=0)

I have three panels, each of type Graph (old) with cloudwatchmetrics as a target to monitor different metrics like CPU utilisation, database connections, freeable mem, etc…

I see dashboard json is properly generated by the grafanalib and deployed properly by using Terraform in required Grafana folder.

When I open the dashboard I see all panels are empty/not showing any data until I click on edit each panel and then immediately click on apply.

I am not what could be the issue here, I see for every new deployment of Terraform changes these panels are getting the same and need to edit and apply again. I see this will be a blocker going forward if we add more and more panels and dashboards.

please share your exp, if any of you faced such situation already.

We are seeing the same issue - need to disable / enable a dashboard panel for the data to be rendered - I’m wondering if there is a way to do this automatically as we currently load the dashboard from a json file in an automated deployment.

Update - on further investigation this was caused by the datasource naming. By making this a variable which all panels used the panels are now populated as expected

in my case my dashboard file .json have wrong uid of datasource
“datasource”: {
“type”: “prometheus”,
“uid”: “P1Exampleuid”
then I changed the value of uid with right uid datasource the result my dashboard can show data automatically after imported, and this issue can be solved too with remove all uids at dashboard json file.
and for quick to know your datasource uid you can open your grafana dashboard and click datasource and at address bar of you browser will show the uid datasource.

sorry for my english