Grafana Cloud: OnCall - MS Teams integration

I am trying to integrade OnCall in Grafana Cloud with MS Teams. I installed Grafana Oncall plugin in GC and in Teams. In Grafana OnCall → ChatOps → Microsoft Team, I see following instruction:
2. Add OnCall bot to your team channel and send this code by LinkTeam command but the MS Teams Grafana ChatBot only supports linkUser command not linkTeam command.

In OnCall docs ( I see following instruction:

1. From the ChatOps tab in Grafana OnCall, select Microsoft Teams in the side menu.
2. Click +Connect Microsoft Teams channel.

But I dont see this option in GC Oncall tab.

Any help on how to integrate GC Oncall with MS Teams for receiving alerts ?
Thank you

Same question for me.

I was able to solve this in the following way:

  1. open channel which you want to connect to grafana oncall
  2. in this channel start writing a new message and start writing (tagging): @grafana
    There you should see the grafana oncall bot, so just press tab.
  3. then press arrow up and there you should see linkTeam
  4. add token
  5. in the end you have message like ​​​​​​​"Grafana OnCall linkTeam "