Grafana with OnCall plugin MS Teams outgoing webhook

I’m using non cloud Grafana, it’s deployed on Azure Kubernetes Service.
Grafana 8.5.0 and OnCall plugin 1.1.0 and OnCall backend engine 1.1.0.
I’m trying to send an alert from OnCall to my Teams Channel and unable to do that, I’m sending an demo alert from AlertManager integration, and just nothing comes to Teams, the log output from OnCall backend engine shows the following after sending this demo alert:

Alert in the plugin:

I have generated Curl to send message to Teams from the oncall backend pod working perfectly fine.
I have used Wireshark to sniff the outgoing traffic from OnCall backend pod since log doesn’t tell me much, but I couldn’t see any connection attempt to MS Teams server.
Can anyone please advise what could I be doing wrong?
Is the alert supposed to be sent from oncall backend pod, or maybe from Grafa pod or it’s something else?
Why there is no info in the OnCall backend log that webhook is being triggered?
Is it possible to put the oncall backend log into debug mode?
I have dangerous webhooks unchecked, that’s correct I think?

OK, I was missing setting up correct data in webhook configuration.