Grafana teams incoming webhook connection Refused

Hi, I am using Grafana v9.1.7.I was trying to create alert in our organisation teams channel using incoming webhook. But when I configure the webhook url in the grafana and try to send a test alert the test alert fails.

Exact error: [12:54] Tejaswy, Sai

Failed to send test alert.: send notification to Teams: Post "": dial tcp: lookup ***** on [::1]:53: read udp [::1]:59663->[::1]:53: read: connection refused

Can someone help me to solve this issue?

@sai23 Welcome to the Grafana forum.

Just to clarify, are you just trying to use a regular webhook in your alert? What is the URL that you posted?

@grant2 No I Chose Microsoft teams as contact point and entered the incoming webhook url created from our teams channel. I will attach a picture so you can understand better.


Can you determine if your MS Teams webhook works from another application (besides Grafana)? The error message shown ends with “connection refused” so I am thinking there is something (firewall setting, etc.) that is not allowing your webhook to go through.

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@sai23 If you have found a solution, can you please share here?

Hey @grant2 , sure I can. I tried what you said , the webhook works with other applications , So we figured out it’s some problem within our organisation’s firewall. We figured we can sort that out

Good to know. I also struggled with a similar webhook issue where the device receiving the webhook would not permit it due to some sort of HTTP security block. My workaround was to send the webhook to Node-RED running on the same server that is runnning Grafana, then transmit the message via MQTT to the other device (which was blocking the webhook).

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Thank you so much helping me with it! We have similar issues which you have, So our team is working on the issue. This helps, thank you for mentioning.