Grafana OnCall Teams App Not Found

Grafana Cloud V9 OnCall Integrations includes a reference to setting up the Grafana OnCall Teams App to configure the Teams integration.

As I read it - the process is to add the Grafana OnCall App as a Teams specific App within the Microsoft Teams environment. This app creates a robot which is designed to complete the OnCall to Teams integration, which sounds terrific. Unfortunately I cannot find the Grafana OnCall App anywhere.

The documentation does not include any information on locating the Grafana OnCall Teams App, nor an OSS location for acquiring a Teams App that can be compiled and uploaded.

Has anyone successfully completed the Grafana OnCall Microsoft Teams integration referenced in the new V9 configuration page?

Hi @ehuggins! I checked in with the OnCall team about this, and it looks like the OnCall App was not available yet when you originally posted. This should be available now in the MS store here: Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource

If you are still running into any issues enabling this, please open a ticket for the Support team to review if you haven’t already done so.