Cortex/Loki managed alerts and MS Teams Contact

Hi all,
I am using Grafana Cloud free tier.

In the “Alerting” > “Contacts points”, I can create MS Teams contacts points only when selecting the “Grafana” Alertmanager.

If I select the “grafanacloud-xxx-rgalertmanager” (where all my alerts seems to be linked), I can only configure Webhook contacts points. I tried to configure it with the webhook value of my MS Teams channel, but nothing seems to happen.

Is it possible to configure MS Teams “Contact Points” when using Cortex/Loki managed alerts (which are the one configured when using the Kubernetes integration)?

What is the difference between the “grafanacloud-xxx-rgalertmanager” and “Grafana” alertmanager?

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Hi Alexis! The contact point options will depend on the type of Alerts being used, as you noticed. Microsoft Teams is not currently supported for the “grafanacloud-xxx-rgalertmanager” alerts, though the generic webhook option might be usable. We hope to support Microsoft Team contact points for the Cortex/Loki managed alert rules in the future though I don’t have any timeframes to provide on that.

For more details about the differences between the two types of alerting, see:

Hi Melody,

Thanks for details and sharded articles, it is more clear now. I used to manage MS Teams notification with alertmanager using prometheus-msteams because alertmanager does not support notifications to MS Teams out-of-the-box (even with generic Webhook).

So currently, If I want to use Cortex/Loki alerts with MS Teams notifications, I have to set up prometheus-msteams (in my own infrastructure), configure the generic webhook, on Grafana Cloud to target prometheus-msteams service which will send the notification to MS Teams.

Does anyone see an easier way to achieve this?

Thanks a lot!

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