Grafana Notification Message For MS Teams

I have setup my MS team as notification channel but when the alert came in it doesn’t look too good. As the notification message is not clear for which VM i am getting this alert can only please help me out to setup notification. Below i am attaching the notification message i am getting in MS teams Channel please have a look into it.

here is muy contact point

This not notification that some VM has a problem. This is NoData notification = used alert query didn’t return any data, so Grafana was not able to evaluate if monitored instances are OK or not based on configured threshold.

Here is my alert rule please have a look at it can you please help me to setup a rule where i can check when the alert trigger if the CPU usage above 75%

Hi Jangaraj Can you please check here i am seeing the alert are forwarded to default notification Policies but when it comes to the notification policy i am unable to see any alert attached to