Grafana Cloud - no alerts sent to MS Teams contact point


We are evaluating Grafana cloud and currently testing the alerting.

For this, I created a contact point for MS Teams. The test of that contact point works. A message is posted into the MS Teams channel successfully.

I also changed the root notification policy to use this contact point:

There are no specific routes created.

We are using the default alerts for synthetic monitoring and I disabled an HTTP route which triggers the alert to “Firing”.

But unfortunately, no alert is sent to MS Teams. The touch point information says, “no attempts”.

Working alerting with MS Teams is essential for us to continue with Grafana cloud in a paid subscription.

Do you have any hints?

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Hi! It looks like the contact point for Microsoft Teams is working. Would it be possible to see the firing alerts for which you are expecting to receive notifications?

Sure I add a screenshot of that alert and its firing instance:

But since the default notification policy is set to this contact point and there are no specific alert routes created, I would expect that every firing alert is sent to that MS Teams contact point?

facing the exact same issue…
I am using Grafana on-prem though.

I have noticed that any of the non Grafana alerts (Mimir or Loki) do not send notification. A Grafana managed one though works.

I have same issue (
Can we call someone from the Grafana’s team?

Facing same issue with Grafana 9.4.3
Email Contact Point works
Teams-Contact Point test Message works but does not fire alarms

@sbj what is the group_wait, group_interval and repeat_interval for the root notification policy?


I am facing the same issue on Grafana 9.3.8 and for me the solution was to set a default notification policy with the contact point that I created. By default, this is set to the email one.

9.4.7 OSS version has similar issue, test contact points works.
firing and alerting to webex teams and pager duty not working(sometimes delay x minutes, or don’t send).

pause evaluation and unpause in alert rule edit page, I use this to test. I assume it’s a correct action to test the alert firing. feel free to correct me

Update: looks like it’s related to grouping I add grouping in policy as pic shows, it’s working