Grafana 9 Microsoft Teams alerting not sending alerts

I have setup version 9.3.2 and I’m trying to configure the alerting to my Grafana instance.

I can see my “alert.rules” file being recognized normally by the system and I’ve also configured the relevant “Contact point” with it being able to send the test notification but real alerts don’t show up.

From the logs, all I can see is the below whn triggering the test alert:

logger=alerting.notifier.teams t=2022-12-19T14:06:20.720657154Z level=error msg=“Missing receiver”
logger=alerting.notifier.teams t=2022-12-19T14:06:20.720776397Z level=error msg=“Missing group labels”
logger=cleanup t=2022-12-19T14:06:20.863615796Z level=info msg=“Completed cleanup jobs” duration=9.936487ms