Grafana On Call User Default

Very excited about Grafana On Call, so let me be the first to ask a question.
I’ve been using the Grafana Unified Alerting Beta in Grafana Cloud since GrafanaCon 2021 earlier this year.

I successfully implemented the Grafana Alert Manager Integration, registered the Slack Integration, and setup my personal Slack and Phone entries in Grafana Cloud OnCall.

The only options I have for default escalation paths are SMS, Slack, and Phone. We migrated from Slack to Teams because of our Office 365 Usage - but do not use Teams for alert messaging, sticking to Email as the first alert method.

Q: Should there be an option to define Email as a valid Escalation path option? If so, is there anything that needs to be done to enable Email as an option for sending OnCall messages?

@ehuggins thank you for your question! For now, we don’t support Email and it’s no way to enable this feature, sorry :frowning:

I can share that Email notifications are in our plans. Can’t give a specific timeline but hope we will be able to deliver it soon.

Also thank you for mentioning MS Teams. It will help us to prioritise the backlog!

@matveykukuy That is likely a show stopper for us without both Teams and Email integration. I “might” be able to work around it by sending parallel Grafana Alerts and On Call signals - configuring On Call with a 15 minute wait.

Good to know email is on the roadmap already, though. The priority is definitely email over Teams.

Thank you for the information.

@matveykukuy I’ve been thinking about the lack of email integration after attending ObsCon the past two days. During the Grafana On Call [GOC] presentation a user asked about in and outbound webhooks with the answer stating both are supported by GOC. I can write an azure triggered function to respond to a webhook, which then sends an email based on data received. Would it be possible to include such a webhook as a step in the escalation process? I would probably have the function send data to a Logic App and let the logic app send email as that is an easier email integration and I use it often. It doesn’t really matter as the interface to GOC would be the same.

If so, then i can work around the email limitation for now.

Let me know.

Thank you.

@ehuggins sorry for the long reply! Using webhook as a part of escalation step is 100% possible as you described.