Integration for Grafana OnCall

Hi there,

I read some articles about Grafana OnCall and I think this might be what I am looking for.

My intention is to add a SIGNL4 alerting channel to Grafana. Some time back I talked to some Grafana folks and I also added a pull request here:

But it seemed this was too early and there was no API for alerting “plugins” available.

Right now our customers configure the integration manually via wehhook.

What is the best option to add an alerting integration to Grafana OnCall. And insights, ideas or guidance into the right direction is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


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Hey Ron! I’ll share this with the OnCall team for future development planning and discussion, thanks for letting us know!

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Thanks a lot Melody,
Would it possible right now to add an OnCall integration via GitHub PR?
To be more specific here, right now it seems to be possible to notify users via Slack, SMS and phone call. Is is possible to add another alerting channel?
Thanks again

You definitely can, though there should be some updates coming up soon within the next couple of weeks that should help as well! Feel free to share the PR so I can subscribe and keep an eye on it.

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Thanks again and I am looking forward to the updates …

Here is the PR I was talking about:

Maybe the method or procedure will change. I talked to some people before and it would be ideal to use some kind of alert-notification plugin or so :wink: